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Whenever you come to think about it, there actually are a variety of completely different sneakers on the market out there. Footwear might even be constituted of completely different supplies. Naturally, every materials supplies a novel perspective and performance to the footwear. For starters, sneakers with rubber soles are versatile and waterproof. They will even be used for hazardous environments!

Regardless of their energy and suppleness, your rubber sneakers can nonetheless catch some dust and stains, and attributable to their distinctive nature, rubber sneakers would require completely different consideration in the case of caring for them. However how precisely do you have to clear these rubber sneakers and make them eternal? Let’s take a more in-depth look under!


You may be shocked to listen to it, however rubber sneakers are constituted of rubber! Nonetheless, the whole shoe isn’t made up with rubber as its sole materials. More often than not, you will discover the rubber on a shoe’s sole. The “physique” a part of a rubber shoe may be composed of different materials like canvas, suede, leather-based, and lots of extra. Nonetheless, there’s a chance that some rubber sneakers could be fully made up from rubber!


how to clean rubber shoes

Footwear which are geared up with rubber soles are actually superior. They can be utilized for various conditions in life. One of the apparent eventualities to make use of rubber sneakers is for sports activities and workouts. Resulting from their flexibility and sturdiness, rubber soles will give fairly a bonus to an athlete.

Regardless of the superior potential that rubber sneakers current, we are able to’t deny the truth that rubber sneakers will really feel heavier than different sneakers. Subsequently, folks usually flip to rubber sneakers in the case of industrial works, particularly in a hazardous atmosphere. When a rubber sole is strengthened, it could stand up to corrosive locations and supply consolation to its wearer.


how to clean rubber shoes

We now have talked about it earlier than, however in case you missed it, we’ll say it as soon as once more: rubber sneakers are usually stronger and extra sturdy than regular sneakers. Their flexibility can even show to be an ideal assist, particularly for athletes who depend on their ft.

When speaking about the advantages of sporting rubber sneakers, we shouldn’t keep away from mentioning the truth that rubber sneakers present sturdy grip when it comes into contact with most surfaces, due to this fact lowering the prospect of any slip-ups. In any case, rubber soles are slip-resistant. Furthermore, they’re oil and water-proof as effectively!


how to clean rubber shoes

In some circumstances, we suggest you utilize rubber slippers reasonably than sporting standard sneakers. In any case, rubber slippers are simple to make use of. All it’s good to do is slip your foot inside whenever you’re going to make use of it, no have to tie up laces in any respect! Most rubber slippers are additionally cheaper than regular sneakers, which might be excellent for day-to-day use. This fashion, you gained’t have to fret about getting your valuable and costly sneakers soiled.

Rubber slippers are additionally extremely breathable. There may be a variety of room for circulation down there, therefore comfortability turns into an excellent speaking level in the case of rubber slippers. Plus, they will also be used for numerous informal actions. In the event you’re not attending any formal occasion, make sure you at the very least think about sporting rubber slippers as an alternative!


  • ShoeCleaner: A particular shoe detergent wanted to scrub your favourite and valuable slippers
  • Apron: Not an compulsory merchandise, however it can turn out to be useful once we’re speaking about preserving your shirt clear whereas washing your slippers
  • Premium Brush: Used to scrub the higher a part of your slippers
  • Commonplace Brush: Used to scrub your shoe’s outsole part.
  • Small Brush or Toothbrush: Such a brush will turn out to be useful in the case of cleansing the inside a part of your slippers that’s often laborious to achieve.
  • Microfiber Material: Used to wipe slippers clear from dust and stains.
  • Container/Pan: used to retailer water that might be blended with Shoe Fragrance with the intention to generate a sure odor in your rubber sneakers.


  • Sole: The tread or backside part of your rubber sneakers. For this half, you should use the Commonplace Brush. Its energy and durable nature will show to be efficient whenever you’re attempting to wipe all of the dust situated on the rubber shoe’s sole.
  • The higher a part of your rubber sneakers: The higher a part of your sneakers, higher often called shoe pads. Rubber sneakers are fabricated from rubber, which is why you’re going to want a variety of care when cleansing it. That’s the explanation why the higher a part of rubber sneakers or slippers could be cleaned through the use of the delicate and mild Premium Brush.


  • Put together the rubber sneakers or slippers that you just need to clear: A pair of soiled rubber sneakers or slippers that have to be cleaned and clean up.
how to clean rubber shoes
  • Ensure that all of the important instruments and cleansing kits are prepared: Put together the Shoe Cleaner, apron, Premium Brush, commonplace brush, little brush or toothpaste, microfiber material, and a container to retailer a mix of water and shoe fragrance.
  • Wash the rubber shoe’s sole: As talked about beforehand, cleansing a rubber shoe’s sole would require the energy of a normal brush. Please use all of your energy when cleansing the soles, as they’re the dirtiest a part of a shoe. You gained’t have to fret about damaging the shoe when cleansing the only. In any case, soles are identified for his or her energy and sturdiness. If, for some motive, you’ll be able to’t appear to shake off the dust and stains, attempt to brush it once more till they’re clear and recent once more. When you’re happy with the end result, proceed to wipe the only with a microfiber material.
how to clean rubber shoes
how to clean rubber shoes
  • Wash the Higher A part of the Rubber Footwear: To scrub the higher a part of your rubber sneakers, it’s good to use a Premium Brush. Not like the inflexible and powerful sole, the higher a part of a rubber shoe or slipper is susceptible to sturdy contacts, so be sure to keep away from making scratches on the floor. After utilizing the Premium Brush, you’ll be able to wipe the higher half with a microfiber material. If dust and stains are nonetheless noticed, be sure to repeat this step till they’re all eradicated. We do know that some cleansing kits that we’ve talked about aren’t essentially simple to seek out. In the event you don’t need to purchase them, you’ll be able to simply go forward and wash the rubber sneakers whereas brushing them. Then, clear the rubber sneakers through the use of a microfiber material.
how to clean rubber shoes
how to clean rubber shoes
  • Drying Course of: Depart the rubber sneakers for a while in entrance of a fan for round one to 2 hours. We don’t suggest leaving your rubber sneakers in direct contact with the daylight. Rubber tends to shrink in dimension after they come into contact with warmth. Subsequently, there’s a excessive likelihood that it gained’t slot in your ft!
how to clean rubber shoes
  • Ending: As soon as the sneakers are dry, you’ll be able to retailer them and even use them in your every day actions as soon as extra!
how to clean rubber shoes


We consider that our directions are detailed and concise sufficient. Nonetheless, you continue to would possibly need to learn some ideas that you are able to do whereas cleansing your rubber slippers, whereas being attentive to another issues that it’s best to keep away from under.

– Do’s

  • Clear your rubber sneakers if they’ve grow to be too soiled
  • Use Premium Brush to scrub your sneakers. A Premium Brush have been particularly made to scrub sneakers. They will get rid of dust and stains whereas stopping damages and scratches to your sneakers, so be sure to take that into consideration.
  • Use rubber sneakers in a relaxed scenario.

– Don’ts

  • By no means go away your rubber sneakers or slippers underneath direct contact with the daylight
  • You don’t want to scrub them with a laundry machine
  • Don’t use them within the case of a flood.

Qna :

What’s one of the simplest ways to scrub rubber?

One of the best ways to scrub rubber soles in your sneakers is through the use of a Shoe Cleaner. In the event you don’t personal one, you should use a detergent in its place. Nonetheless, some detergents can harm your sneakers, so be sure to be aware of that.

clear rubber sneakers with baking soda?

how to clean rubber shoes

There are a variety of options that you are able to do to scrub your rubber sneakers. One do-it-yourself ingredient that has been proved to be efficient is to make use of a baking soda

  • If you wish to clear rubber sneakers with baking soda, then you’ll be able to create a mix with water.
  • Put them each inside a container and stir them each till they’ve grow to be thick.
  • The combination can then be wiped on the floor of your rubber sneakers. Use a brush to assist get a greater end result.
how to clean rubber shoes
  • Ensure that the combination covers the entire a part of your rubber sneakers, particularly the soiled part.
  • Let your sneakers for some time earlier than wiping all of the combination clear. The dust and stains ought to all be eradicated.

In the event you nonetheless discover some stains and dust left on the rubber sneakers, please repeat the steps and use the remnants of the combination you’ve made.

Essential to notice: this technique is really useful just for cleansing white rubber sneakers. We’d recommend attempting different strategies for non-white sneakers. Don’t overlook to make use of a delicate brush for this technique as effectively.

Clear Rubber Footwear with nail polish remover?

how to clean rubber shoes

A nail polish remover, or acetone, could be efficient at cleansing your rubber sneakers. Right here’s the information to make use of a nail polish remover to scrub your rubber sneakers appropriately:

  • Put together a nail polish remover that you just personal. Use a cotton ball or cotton bud as effectively. You may even use a chunk of material to cowl more room when cleansing.
  • Soak the cotton ball or material contained in the acetone.
  • Use the cotton ball to scrub your rubber sneakers. If the acetone in your cotton ball runs out, use a brand new cotton ball and dip it once more inside your nail polish remover.
  • Repeat the steps above till you’ve managed to get rid of all of the dust and stains.

The one downside to utilizing this technique is that it gained’t work effectively with sneakers that have been made with canvas materials. In the event you use acetone for the sort of sneakers, then it can lead to a change of coloration!

Clear Rubber Footwear with Magic Eraser?

how to clean rubber shoes

Utilizing a Magic Eraser is really easy. You gained’t take up a lot time when utilizing this technique.

  • Put together the Magic Eraser.
  • Moist the Magic Eraser.
  • Earlier than continuing, attempt to wipe free dust or stains with a delicate brush.
how to clean rubber shoes
  • Proceed to scrub soiled sections in your sneakers by wiping the moist Magic Eraser. If the Magic Eraser has dried up earlier than you could have completed cleansing your sneakers, then moist them once more with clear water.
  • Repeat the directions till you are feeling that your sneakers are clear. Utilizing a Magic Eraser is very really useful for sneakers with leather-based and rubber materials.


Rubber sneakers are sturdy and versatile on the similar time, thus making them viable for informal actions. Nonetheless, you do want to scrub them frequently with the intention to keep away from damaging them. Rubber soles could be cleaned with Commonplace Brush whereas the higher a part of your sneakers could be washed away with Premium Brush. No matter you do, be sure to keep away from leaving them underneath direct contact with the daylight with the intention to forestall a change in form.

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